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Pacific I Bird Conservation and Research Fund

This Fund was created in 2008 to support conservation management and research on bird species classed as endangered by BirdLife International and breeding on Pacific islands, but excluding New Zealand. The Fund is administered by the J S Watson Trust through the Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of New Zealand and is a result of a working partnership between Birds New Zealand and Forest & Bird.

As a general guide, a grant shall not exceed $5,000. One or more grants may be awarded at any one time at the discretion of the J S Watson Trust.

Who can apply?

Interest is invited from scientists and others in New Zealand and in Pacific islands to support studies or training activities that may be supported by this fund. Applicants must be New Zealand citizens (or Permanent Residents), or citizens, or residents of any of the eligible Pacific island countries. Preference will be given to applicants who are a Member of Birds New Zealand (any membership class), or the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand.

Full criteria are available here

How and when to apply?

Applications open 1 February and should be emailed not later than 30 March to the Executive Officer of Birds New Zealand, Applications must include a project title, project objective/s, a concisely written description of activities (max. 100 words), a project timeframe and a simple budget.

Currently funded projects

Dr. Ray Pierce is the first recipient of the first grant for the design of a “Conservation Action Plan for Two Endangered Seabirds: Phoenix Petrel (Pterodroma alba) and White-throated Storm-petrel (Nesofregetta fuliginosa), 2020-2025.”  Formerly widespread, both species now have a limited distribution. The breeding stronghold is in Kiribati in the central Pacific Ocean where there were an estimated 10,000 pairs of Phoenix petrel and a few hundred pairs of White-throated Storm-petrel in 2010-18.