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2022 Call for Abstracts and Instructions

The scientific days for the 2022 NZ Bird Conference will be held on 4 and 5 June. Results from bird studies and research will be presented orally or as posters. Expressions of interest from members or non-members who wish to present a paper or a poster are welcomed. Abstracts of talks and posters should be submitted to not later than 31 March 2022.

  • Oral presentations
    Preference may be given to selecting oral presentations from Birds New Zealand members. These should describe achievements and the results of research activities rather than proposals or planned future work.  Proffered talks will be strictly limited to a length of 12 minutes with an additional 3 minutes for questions. Talks will be presented using MS ‘PowerPoint’ on PC-based projection equipment.  If you are a Mac user, you must ensure that your presentation is fully functional on a PC; if your Mac presentation does not work the talk will be dropped out and won’t be presented.  Please bring talks on a USB stick and hand these to the Conference Manager, preferably at the start of the conference.
  • Posters
    A poster session will enable presenters to make mini-talks, each of 3 minutes, and without questions. Posters will be displayed  for the duration of the conference and may cover any aspects of ornithology.  Posters will be attached to walls using ‘blu-tak’. Each poster presentation should comprise no more than 3 slides. Posters should be prepared in size A0 (841mm × 1189mm) in portrait orientation. Advice concerning the presentation of posters is given in “10 Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation”
  • Abstracts
    Abstracts of accepted papers will be printed in the conference abstract booklet and will later be published in ‘Notornis’. Only the abstracts of registered participants will be included in the conference proceedings. Please submit abstracts by 31 March 2022 as an email attachment to Print ‘Abstract-FIRST AUTHOR LAST NAME’ in the subject line of your email. The organising committee reserves the right to determine the suitability of abstracts for presentations. Please use Arial bold 14 point for the title, Arial 11 point for the text of the abstract, single line spacing, single space between sentences and fully justified. Title: Do not use scientific names, no period at end, 20 words maximum. Authors: First author in bold; use superscript numbers to indicate each author’s address.  Addresses: Physical address followed by email address for all authors. Body of abstract: 250 words maximum for the body of text. Please indicate if the first author is a student. Abstracts will be edited to ensure that formatting follows these guidelines. For examples of previous abstracts visit

Please contact the organizers if you have specific questions: or call Nick Allen 03 358 5994 or 021 111 9885.