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Birds of the Solander Islands

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    Journal Article

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    Cooper, W.J., Miskelly, C.M., Morrison, K., Peacock, R.J.

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    33, 2

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distribution, Solander Island, Little Solander Island, Hautere, bird list, systematic account

Birds of the Solander Islands

Notornis, 33 (2), 77-89

Cooper, W.J., Miskelly, C.M., Morrison, K., Peacock, R.J. (1986)

Article Type: Paper



Birds observed on the Solander Islands 25-27 July 1985 are discussed in relation to previous records from the islands. Black Shag, Banded Rail, Song Thrush and Greenfinch have not been reported previously. Solander Island had a major colony of Buller’s mollymawk, with an estimated 4000-5000 pairs. A further 300 pairs bred on Little Solander Island, which also had a large colony of Common Diving Petrels. On Little Solander, New Zealand’s southernmost gannet colony, were 20-10 Australasian Gannets. Red-crowned Parakeets seem to have displaced Yellow-crowned Parakeets on the Solander Islands since 1948. The faunal relationships of the Solander Islands are discussed, as is the apparent effect of predation by introduced weka on Solander Island.