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Meritorious Services Award (MSA)

This award will be made to individuals who have demonstrated meritorious service in the furtherance of the Objects of the Society, namely:

  • To encourage, organise and promote the study of birds and their habitat use particularly within the New Zealand region.
  • To foster and support the wider knowledge and enjoyment of birds generally.
  • To promote the recording and wide circulation of the results of bird studies and observations.
  • To produce a journal and any other publication containing matters of ornithological interest.
  • To effect co‑operation and exchange of information with other organisations having similar aims and objects.
  • To assist the conservation and management of birds by providing information, from which sound management decisions can be derived.
  • To maintain a library of ornithological literature for the use of members and to promote a wider knowledge of birds.
  • To promote the archiving of observations, studies and records of birds particularly in the New Zealand region.
  • To carry out any other activity which is capable of being conveniently carried out in connection with the above objects, or which directly or indirectly advances those objects or any of them.


The award is not confined to members, or to past members of the Society, and it may be awarded to suitable non‑members living in New Zealand and overseas.

An individual can be eligible for more than one award, but each must be for different services according to the Objects of the Society. No individual can receive an award for a particular service more than once, nor can two different awards be made in the same year. A maximum of five awards can be made annually. Nominations shall not be made posthumously.

Nominations must be signed and dated by two financial members of the Society and be accompanied by a supporting statement of not more than 150 words setting out the achievements of the person nominated. Electronic signatures are acceptable, but full names and dates must also be included.