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Occasional Publications

© Imogen Warren

The Ornithological Society of New Zealand (OSNZ) Occasional Publications series was launched in 2022. The series complements the society’s journal Notornis and magazine Birds New Zealand by providing for technical publications that are too large for Notornis, or that contain content that is beyond the scope of the journal or magazine. Possible topics for the series include (but is not limited to)  checklists, faunal lists, and technical manuals. All publications in the series will be published as digital pdfs; however, Birds New Zealand Council will consider requests for printed versions of any publications in the series. Authors or editors interested in offering articles for the series should contact Birds New Zealand Council in the first instance, with suggestions for editorial processes.

Download Occasional Publications

Checklist of the birds of New Zealand. Fifth edition. 2022
By: OSNZ Checklist Committee
OSNZ Occasional Publication No. 1. Ornithological Society of New Zealand,
Wellington. 332 pp. (PDF, 4840K)

Amendments to the 2010 Checklist of the birds of New Zealand. 2022
By: Colin M. Miskelly, Natalie J. Forsdick, Brian J. Gill, Ricardo L. Palma, Nicolas J. Rawlence & Alan J. D. Tennyson
OSNZ Occasional Publication No. 2. Ornithological Society of New Zealand,
Wellington. 69 pp. (PDF, 1501K)