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Procedure for “Robert Falla Memorial Award”, “MSA” and “A.T. Edgar Junior Award”:

  1. Each year the Secretary will call for nominations in the September issue of Birds New Zealand. 
  1. Nominations should be on the relevant form available through Regional Representatives or on
  1. People being nominated should not be told of this fact at this stage, but the person ultimately selected by Council may be told before it is publicly announced.
  1. Nominations must reach the Secretary by 31 December.
  1. The Secretary will check for eligibility and forward nominations to Council by 31 January.
  1. The Council will decide which one, if any, will receive the award. In reaching their decisions, members of the Council shall be free to consult any other member(s) as each sees fit.
  1. The award is determined by a majority of two thirds of Council members.
  1. The President will advise the Secretary 8 weeks prior to the AGM of the Council desicion as to which one, if any, of the nominated people should receive the award.
  1. The Secretary will produce Certificates, which will be signed by the President before the AGM.
  1. Awards will be announced by the President at the AGM and published in Birds New Zealand.