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Far North

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Far North Events:

  • Evening Meetings are held on the last Friday of each month at 54 Oromahoe Road, Opua  but changes in venue are notified by email to members.
  • All meetings start at 6.30 pm.  They are shared tea events, bring a plate if you’re able. Invitations go out to members a week or two in advance.
  • Regular field trips and beach patrols phone Isabella Godbert on 09 4078058

Recent Adventures:

  • June 2018, Far North Birds hosted the Conference and AGM of Birds New Zealand.  In addition to two dynamic days of presentations, field trips included a two day “Mist Netting Camp”, a two day “Ninety Mile Beach Field Trip”, and visits to Urupukapuka Island, kayak cruises on Waitangi Estuary, and other trips.  Participants had a blast, and returned home suitably exhausted.  A drone workshop, twitching competitions, bird ID talks, and other workshops filled in knowledge gaps.
  • April, 2017, Far North Birds hosted the “Teen Camp” for students between 13-16 years of age.  Lifelong friendships were made, fantastic fun was had, and the meals were great too.  If you’re a student interested in expeditions with your mates, like a hike up Ninety Mile Beach, a climb up Urupukapuka counting birds, visits to see masses of shore birds, and research into the dim and distant past, give us a call.
  • Visits to Three Kings Islands by plane to count birds on the islands were conducted in 2014-2015. They will be conducted again for five years under the “Birds New Zealand Atlas Project”.
  • Regular visits to Parengarenga Harbour, Rangaunu Harbour, and other sites are boating adventures.  Sights of thousands of birds contribute to research by experts and the New Zealand Bird Atlas Project.

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