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Meet our new Notornis Editor – Dr James Savage

January 22nd, 2024

Dr James Savage is a behavioural ecologist based in Invercargill. His research focuses on social and reproductive behaviour, particularly maternal effects and how parents coordinate to rear offspring. During his PhD, James studied the chestnut-crowned babbler, a medium-sized cooperatively breeding passerine endemic to outback Australia, More recently, James has contributed to behavioural research in rifleman and hihi, and led a project on kākāpō egg infertility. 

James is currently the Research Coordinator of the Southern Institute of Technology, a role that includes advising staff in publishing and academic best practice. Beyond SIT, James supports open access publishing activities across the wider tertiary vocational sector, and internationally he is active within the Research Data Alliance and other organisations supporting open research. For James, taking on the Notornis editor role represents a unification of his interests in avian research and scholarly publishing, and he looks forward to connecting with the Birds NZ community and building on the excellent editorial work of Dr Craig Symes.