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Unusual Bird Reporting Form

Rare Birds Form

Bird Identification

[Species name of the bird(s)]
[If evident]

Observer Details

[List the names of anyone else who observed the bird(s)]

Observation Details

[Please add details about the date(s) of observation, i.e. if bird(s) seen over a number of days or months]
[Please provide an accurate written location of where you saw the bird(s). If you are unable to provide map or GPS coordinates, please provide enough written detail to allow us to map the precise location. Let us know if you require the precise location to be confidential.]
Decimal degrees are the preferred format, otherwise explain the format used
[Approximate distance from the bird in metres]
[Did you use binoculars/telescope and if so what magnification]
[In hours and minutes]
[List any books, websites or other sources that you consulted to verify your identification]
[If this has been discussed on or other online forums, please add links]
[List any previous experience with this bird(s)]
How confident are you about the identification?

Description of the bird(s)

Please give a full description of the bird(s) from your field notes and impressions gained at the time of the sighting. Please start with an account of how the bird was discovered and what other birds it was with. If you easily identified the bird to family level, e.g. albatross, penguin, duck, tern, etc, you can start your description by saying so. Then lead into a detailed description and produce evidence for the elimination of similar species. Use sketches throughout, wherever possible (the notes at the sides of the following pages are prompts, if you need them). If the bird was caught, banded, photographed or tape-recorded please provide measurements, photographs or recordings in support.

Please note that the more detail provided will assist the Records Appraisal Committee make their assessment of the sighting.

Whenever you make comments that have been prompted by books you consulted, state clearly that you have done so.

[E.g. colour of eyes, bill and legs; shape and length of bill and legs, etc.]


Have you provided any images?
[Please attach photos or anything else which may make confirmation easier]

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

Are you willing for your images/videos/audio to be uploaded on eBird and NZ Birds Online should your record be accepted?