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PAF Projects

Currently funded:   

Population assessment of Long Island 2022

Plastic ingestion – a sensory ecology approach 2022

GPS Tracking little blue penguins from Port Taranaki 2022

Vital rates of NZ Waders 2021

Toxoplasmosis in kiwi 2021

Previously funded:

Rotorua Atlasing week June 2021

Hawkes Bay Youth Camp 2021

Makarora Field Course – Aspiring Biodiversity Trust 2021

Black-fronted tern movement 2020

Seabirds and light 2020

Notornis special issue – Auckland Islands Ornithology 2020

Bar-tailed Godwit Aerial Survey in Northland 2020

Survival of S.I. Robins outside Orokonui Sanctuary 2019

Song diversity of translocated North Island saddleback 2019

Distribution, population status and trends of New Zealand Scaup 2019

Youth Camp Waikato River 2019

Youth Camp Marlborough 2019

Development of the “New Zealand Bird Atlas” 2018  

Pacific Golden Plover Tracking 2018

RAC Database – Scanning Unusual Bird Reports 2018

Youth Camp Southland 2018

Raising the Profile of eBird in NZ 2018  

Youth Banding Camp Miranda 2017

Youth Camp Far North 2017

Red-Billed Gull National Census 2015-17
Distribution and abundance of Red-billed Gull, Gannet, w/f Tern – Report 2019
Aerial Survey Gulls+Gannets Nov 2017
Report 2014-2016  

Read more about this national project here

Zealandia Bird Card Game – Engaging Kids 2017

Black-billed Gull National Census 2016-17 

Black-Billed Gull National Census – West Coast 2015-16  

Youth Camp Waikato 2016   

Census of Small Petrels in North Otago 2015

Unusual Bird Report – Development of Online Database 2015

Beach Patrol Online Database – Scanning of cards 2015

Red-Billed Gull Aerial Survey of Three Kings Island/Far North 2014

Black Petrel Population Status on Little Barrier Island 2014-15