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NZ Bird Conference 2024: Call for Abstracts and Instructions

The Scientific Days for the 2024 NZ Bird Conference will be on the 1st and 2nd of June. Presentations can be either oral or a poster. Anyone who wishes to give a presentation should submit an abstract to by 31 March 2024 – Use ‘Abstract-FIRST AUTHOR LAST NAME’ in the subject line of your email.

Oral presentations

Oral presentations should be 12-minutes long with an additional 3 minutes for questions. If there are too many 12-minute presentations for the time available, speakers may be given the option of giving a 5-minute talk with no added time for questions. Accompanying slides should be presented using MS ‘PowerPoint’ on PC-based projection equipment.  If you are a Mac user, you must ensure that your presentation will work on a PC; if it doesn’t, your talk won’t be able to be presented. Abstracts of presentations should be submitted via Dropbox or WeTransfer to by 31 March 2024 and, if accepted, the full presentation, including Powerpoint slides, by 15 May 2024. Presenters are asked to bear in mind that the majority of the audience at the conference will be lay people with no tertiary scientific training. Talks, including accompanying PowerPoint slides, should therefore be intelligible to non-scientists. Preference may be given to talks that meet this criterion, and to those submitted by Birds New Zealand members.


Posters should be size A0 (841mm × 1189mm) and in portrait orientation. Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference and presenters will have the opportunity to discuss their poster with conference participants during morning and afternoon tea breaks on each of the two Scientific Days. Advice concerning the presentation of posters is given in “10 Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation”


Abstracts of accepted presentations from registered Conference participants will be included in the Conference’s online booklet. Please send a formatted copy for publication to Use ‘Abstract-FIRST AUTHOR LAST NAME’ in the subject line of your email. Abstracts submitted for publication should be in the following format: Arial bold 14 point for the title, Arial 11 point for the text of the abstract, single line spacing, single space between sentences and fully justified. Title: Do not use scientific names, no period at end, 20 words maximum. Authors: Author who will present the talk in bold. Indicate each author’s address with superscript numerals.  Addresses: The physical address, followed by the email address, of all authors. Body of abstract: 250 words maximum for the body of text. Please indicate if the first author is a student. For examples of previously published abstracts visit:

For questions please contact