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Clutch overlap by a New Zealand pigeon

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    Journal Article

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    Clout, M.N., Gaze, P.D., Hay, J.R.

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    35, 1

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New Zealand pigeon, kereru, Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae, clutch size, clutch overlap, breeding biology

Clutch overlap by a New Zealand pigeon

Notornis, 35 (1), 59-62

Clout, M.N., Gaze, P.D., Hay, J.R. (1988)

Article Type: Paper



The nesting behaviour of a New Zealand Pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) fitted with a radio transmitter was closely monitored in lowland forest at Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve. The bird and its mate nested in January 1985, and a single chick fledged in early March. At least one week before this chick left the nest the radio-telemetered parent started incubation on a second nest c. 100 m away. This second nest, and a subsequent one in late March, failed because of disturbance by predators. Clutch overlap as a breeding tactic by New Zealand Pigeons is discussed in relation to possible constraints on reproduction.